Our mission is to assure that income-qualified homeowners, particularly seniors, persons with disabilities, or families with children live in warmth, safety, and independence. The following information will help you determine if you may be eligible and also provides some key information needed to complete the application process.

Safe and
Healthy Homes

Rebuilding Day and Handyman Eligibility Requirements

(Note: This is our 2018 eligibility requirements. The 2019 application will be released in April 2019.)


Home Safety and Fire Prevention Application

For questions about any of the program applications, please contact us at (845) 454-7310.

  • Applicants must own and reside in the home requiring repairs.
  • Single family, multi-family, condos and townhomes are eligible.*
  • Income eligibility is 80% or below the Dutchess County median total household income. (To view income requirements, click here.)
  • Home is located in Dutchess County, home is owner-occupied (own property and land), and taxes and mortgage must be current with an active homeowners insurance policy.
  • The home’s appraised value must be under $243,000.
  • RTDC will serve the same homeowner once in a 5 year period and no more than twice total.

*If you reside in a mobile home, we are able to assist with accessible ramps where feasible/allowed.

Qualification means that you meet our income and home ownership requirements: this does not mean you have been selected to receive services.

NOTE: We accept applications year-round on a rolling basis.


The Community Strong Program gives local non-profit community organizations the opportunity to apply for repair services and accessibility modifications through Rebuilding Together Dutchess County.


Community Strong Application



  • The non-profit organization must be located in Dutchess County and the physical building/property should be owned by the applying non-profit organization. If the non-profit does not own the building for which they would like to apply for repairs services, they may request an exception to be reviewed and approved by RTDC Executive Committee.
  • Qualifying non-profit organizations must need repairs that fall within RTDC’s mission of warm, safe, dry and independent to improve the quality of life, safety and security.
  • Repairs must fall within the skill level of the volunteer work groups available. The project must be suitable for available volunteers to complete reasonably within a 1-day project.
  • The program is designed for 501(c)3 organizations. If your organization is interested in our Community Strong program and you do not have a 501(c)3 status, please contact us.

For more information on our Community Strong Program, call the RTDC office at (845) 454-7310.