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When staying isn't an option, we make it one.

“I can never thank these people enough for what they are doing for me. I will appreciate it till the day I die, that they helped a woman out when she was badly in need of help.”




You live alone. As you are aging you find yourself in need of accessibility repairs and modifications for your home, but you cannot do these repairs yourself. If you’re like most people, you would probably just call a contractor.


Now imagine that isn’t an option for you because you don’t have the money to pay a contractor. If you spent money on a contractor, then you wouldn’t have enough money for food or medical care. This was the reality for Mary, a 69-year-old disabled Pine Plains resident. Her home was in disrepair but she had no way to fix it. 


“Mary is a vital part of our community said Town of Pine Plains” Supervisor Darrah Cloud, pictured above with our Executive Director Christina Boryk. “She works at the library and she does a lot of volunteering. We want her to stay and this allows her to stay in a home that is going to keep her healthy”. Mary needed a new exterior walkway, steps, grab bars, GFCI outlets, siding repairs as well as other critical repairs so that she could continue to safely and comfortably remain in her home. When you are faced with not being able to afford to stay in your home, what do you do? 


When staying isn't an option, we make it one.


“When they told me I was qualified, I just sat down and cried” Mary said as she watched Rebuilding Together volunteers complete repairs throughout the home.


Thanks to a team of Consigli Construction volunteers, us at Rebuilding Together Dutchess County were able to assist Mary. She was in need of major repairs and accessibility modifications, including: a new exterior walkway, grab bars for the bathroom and bathtub, handrails in the master bedroom and at the basement stairs, and siding repairs. These critical repairs will allow Mary to safely and comfortably remain in her home. 


You can watch her experience here: