I Feel Like I Won the Lottery

“It’s so exciting. Just to see how many people showed up; everybody is hands on, everyone is doing something. It’s incredible. I am amazed”


P’ninah is proud of her home. “It’s me,” she says. Her personality is everywhere in the house and it’s a big part of what she works for. However, she knew the home was in need of some major repairs that she didn’t have the means to do financially. Thankfully, a friend of hers suggested she look into programs that help with home repairs, which led her to Rebuilding Together Dutchess County.

Along with her daughter, P’ninah has lived in the home since 2001 and grew up in Dutchess County. With time, a retaining wall alongside her driveway started to crumble and she was afraid to park there for fear it would crumble on her car, or worse, her daughter. Friends would visit and trip over the uneven walkway and front steps, and her kitchen was unsafe, only functioning with the use of extension cords.

Thanks to a team from the United Methodist Church of Hyde Park and Veith Electric, these repairs and others were remedied. P’ninah could just jump for joy, with all the work that was done. “I won the lottery; I mean that’s how it feels. It will do nothing but improve our lives for decades to come.”


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