Gloria on the front steps of her home.
Volunteers work on landscaping pavers at Gloria's home.
Volunteers working on projects at Gloria's home.
Team leader, Branch Manager from Wells Fargo on project day.
Wells Fargo Team poses with Rebuilding Together at project day event.
Wells Fargo Volunteer team working on tasks on project day.

Gloria's Heartwarming Journey: A Tale of Resilience and Gratitude

Gloria is a gracious mother and grandmother, having lived in her house for 35 years alongside her late husband, John, of 54 years. She is now 80 years young and still residing in the Town of Poughkeepsie, at the home where she and her husband raised their family.  Her gratitude extends to the support and services provided by Rebuilding Together Dutchess County (RTDC) and to her life, home, and family. RTDC received support for this project through Wells Fargo’s, “Welcome Home” campaign, providing numerous volunteers from area branches to assist with the needs and details of this project, alongside the hardworking team at RTDC. 

Before Rebuilding Together Dutchess intervened to provide repairs and accessibility modifications for her safety and security, Gloria was filled with fear and anxiety.

Her house required substantial repairs—the electrical system needed replaced and was managed separately, water damage had caused additional severe issues, the aging roof caused internal water damage and needed attention, and the front entrance's pathway posed a safety risk.

"My heart is here, and with the help I've received, I can stay here," Gloria expressed, overwhelmed with gratitude. "I feel more than blessed; words cannot capture it."

Applying for the RTDC Rebuilding Day Program approximately two years ago felt like a lifeline for Gloria.  The news that she was selected was most welcome and she found it to be a tremendous blessing. "It's easy to lose faith in humanity, but the kindness of these people reinstates that faith," Gloria remarked. "Their goodness is a true window to the beauty in this world."

To the dedicated team at Rebuilding Together Dutchess County and Wells Fargo Volunteers, Gloria conveyed her immeasurable gratitude. Their support has not only fixed her house but provided her the opportunity to spend her remaining years in the place she calls home—a gift she'll forever cherish.

RTDC not only repaired her house but mended Gloria’s spirit. “They restored the back deck where I had a lot of memories with the kids and my husband,” Gloria shared, “It’s been a rough couple year’s - a lot of challenges around the house – this gives me my life back, and my kids will be able to visit me more comfortably now and enjoy their time with me again.”

Gloria closed by saying her life changed for the better, expressing, “You saw my need and have transformed my life forever!”


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