Millions of U.S. veterans are in desperate need of repairs and adaptations to their homes. Rebuilding Together’s Veterans Housing was created to meet the growing needs of veterans from past and present wars. Rebuilding Together fills the gaps in modifications and repair services that retired and active service men and women struggle to meet. In partnership with corporate sponsors, Rebuilding Together’s Veterans Housing strives to provide safe and accessible housing for all low-income veterans.

The need is great. For veterans returning from service in the Global War on Terror with severe injuries such as amputation or Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), readjustment and reintegration into their families and communities can be difficult. Of the nearly 200,000 service members currently serving in Iraq and Afghanistan more than 33,000 have been wounded. In tough economic times the more than two million troops who served after 9/11 will also eventually return home to face difficult financial hardships and mounting bills.

In addition, the majority of the 23 million veterans living in the U.S. is now in their 50's and 60's and will soon be forced to deal with how to pay for necessary home repairs on fixed incomes.. It is estimated that more than 4.3 million veterans have a combined family income of less than $20,000, making it difficult to provide for the necessary repairs to a family home. Learn more about our programs and the need for assistance: